About Us

About Us


We bring exceptional global private asset investment opportunities via our top-tier asset allocators.


Our investors trust us for thoroughly researched and vetted opportunities that generate superior returns.


We have cultivated a highly engaged community of investors in Australia and Asia.

I'm looking forward to the opportunity to collaborate with BFA on building some of the most important companies that move civilization forward.
The ultimate luxury in life is getting to do what you want, with who you want. BFA has just been incredible partners and we're very excited for the journey ahead.
Unprecedented access to unseen opportunities. BFA has redefined investing for me.
Investors already subscribed to at least one BFA investment opportunity

Our proprietary platform connects our community to a highly curated selection of investment opportunities and provides access to BFA's in-house expertise through a seamless onboarding, subscription and reporting process for investors. 


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Jonathan Belz

Founding Partner

Gavin Ezekowitz

Founding Partner

John Hatzigrigoriou

Director, Investments

Lucy Du

Director, Community & Investor Relations

Max Nightingale

VP, Distribution

Jonny Abrams Profile

Jonny Abrams

VP, Growth

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